Nov. 17, 2022

As you might have seen on our Community Meetings page:
we’ve set up a series of meetings to invite everyone working on/with vantage6 to join forces to align development efforts.

We had our first community meeting this morning, and we are very happy with how it went!

We first talked about implemented and in-progress features such as the User Interface, a Parquet Wrapper, Multi-Factor Authentication, and a Cookiecutter for algorithm templates.
Then we shared finalized and ongoing algorithm developments. Many of the participants actually prepared a slide or shared their work, which made us very happy (people even used the PowerPoint Template)! We saw a summary algorithm, GLMM, Verticox+, Deep learning, Federated Bayesian Ensembles, and more.
During the whole session there was a lot of room for questions and interaction, and I am glad that no one was afraid to join the conversation.

Overall it was a very structured, clear, and interactive meeting, and we want to thank the great mix of people and organizations that participated for their (preparation) efforts, time and energy today.

Thank you very very much, you keep us motivated as well!

Are you also interested in the current development efforts of vantage6?
Or, did you work on cool features or algorithms that are nice to share with others?

You are very welcome for the next meeting on January 19th !

See you then!
(with or without your own PowerPoint slide 😊)

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