Upcoming features

  • Algorithm UI to start analysis en visualize their results
  • Algorithm Store to explore available algorithms
  • Build service improves security by building the algorithm on a central place
  • Support for alternative container technologies
  • Better support for different types of data-sources (OMOP, FHIR)
  • Algorithm development tools for easier development of algorithms
Sep, 2023

An upgrade in preperation for the User Interface release

  • New collaboration permission scope
  • New algorithm function decorators
  • Completed pagination of the API
  • Algorithm client upgrade
  • Many internal improvements

Aug, 2023
  • New interface to easily setup and run test environments
  • Start user interface easily from the command line
Jun, 2023

New mock client to test algorithms

May, 2023
  • Whitelist data sources so that algorithms may access them
  • Enable GPU usage by algorithms
Mar, 2023
  • New client for algorithm development
  • Share metadata from nodes
  • Upgrade Python version from 3.7 to 3.10
Jan, 2023
  • SSH tunnels to reach external services from node
  • Creating tasks in the User Interface
Jan, 2023
  • Multi-database wrapper
  • Extension of socketIO - e.g. kill tasks
  • Many minor improvements
Nov, 2022
  • Multi-factor authentication
Oct, 2022
  • Parquet file support
  • Python client updates
  • Builds for systems with ARM processors
Oct, 2022

Security upgrades

Apr, 2022
  • Horizontally scalable server instance
  • Improved performance
  • Bugfixes
Feb, 2022

Allowing algorithms to listen to multiple ports

Jan, 2022
v3.0.0 - Petronas

This update is about direct communication between nodes. Allowing nodes to communicate with other nodes in their collaboration through a socket channel.

  • Direct communication between algorithms
  • Many stability improvements

Commit: f9979cc442e265136d07407f301c4f58a2c0bc6d

Apr, 2021

Extra possibilities to connect external data sources to the vantage6 nodes.

Jan, 2021
v2.0.0 - Abeno Harukas

This update is about security. One of the main new features would be a flexible way of assigning permissions to the API. This comes with an interface to manage these permissions.

  • Role based access control
  • Upgraded Python Client
  • Consistency fixes in the API

commit: 6a281a50a618b755f1f5907e2005335d96e454db

Nov, 2020

This update is about cross-language serialization. This allows algorithms to be written in a different language than the client.

Commit: fb69c30e28fb0b8fff139ecc70048b16cc1070fc

Oct, 2020

This update is about maintenance, improved messages from the vantage6-CLI and Automatic updates

Commit: 2e2b432f050c38926e6c68505bdd0cebd7021638

May, 2020
v1.0.0 - Trolltunga

This update is about secure communication between the different parties by implementing End-to-end encryption.

  • End-to-End Encryption between parties
  • Docker Images for node & servers
  • Temporary volumes
  • Upgraded vantage6-CLI
  • Security updates

commit: 826001f3fbcb4e2e703d45e3a8b9b1fae1774534

Feb, 2020
v0.2.4 - Cuppolone

This update is about executing the central part of the algorithm at the node. Removing the need for a user to process individual results from the nodes.

  • Master container for the central part of the algorithm
  • Websocket channel for status updates

Commit: f4c8b7dbd52f46180b876b38ff31a0d2d4a104c2

Jul, 2018
v0.1(.0) - Taipei101

The initial PoC.

  • Sending containers to nodes
  • Manage users, organizations and collaborations at the server