Community Meetings


The goal of the vantage6 developer community meeting is to enable the community to find collaboration opportunities and align the development efforts. The first part will be about new features for the vantage6 infrastructure; in the second part we will discuss new algorithms, or improvements to existing ones.


The meetings are scheduled on the 3rd Thursday of every other month at 11 am CEST. It always takes place in the 'odd' months (January, March, etc.)

Reach out on Discord if you want to attend!


To improve the meeting flow we would like you to make a slide about each feature or algorithm that you are working on using the Meeting template and send them to The slides will be shared on this page after the meeting so do not include any sensitive information on your slides.


  • 11:00 Short introduction
  • 11:05 Announcements and upcoming events
  • 11:10 Recently released
  • 11:25 Infrastructure development
  • 11:40 Algorithm development
  • 11:55 Miscellaneous

Previous editions

If you have missed previous community meetings, view the slides here!