Jan. 27, 2023

We don’t always acknowledge and celebrate the small victories, even though we should.
So we should definitely celebrate the big ones!
This is a shout-out to all the groundbreaking research in which vantage6 is a (small) piece of the puzzle.

Privacy-preserving techniques and federated learning are HOT these days and vantage6 is right in the middle of it. The flexibility of vantage6 makes that our software is being used in different kinds of fields and research. We picked a couple of projects to highlight, but there are many more out there.


First of all vantage6 strengthens (rare) cancer research by combining cancer data from different countries, which leads to bigger research populations and interesting discussions about intercountry differences in, for example, incidence rates or quality of care.

  • Head and neck cancers survival in Europe, Taiwan and Japan: results from RARECAREnet Asia based on a privacy-preserving federated infrastructure (link)
  • Comparing quality of breast cancer care in the Netherlands and Norway by federated propensity score analytics (link)
  • A federated approach to identify women with early-stage cervical cancer at low risk of lymph node metastases (link)

Besides this multi-country research vantage6 is also being used for setting up the Personal Health Train infrastructure in Dutch multi-center collaborations.

  • Privacy-Preserving Dashboard for F.A.I.R Head and Neck Cancer data supporting multi-centered collaborations (link)


Next to the possibilities for federated learning in cancer research we are excited to see vantage6 being used in other fields too, e.g. omics research. There is an enormous growth in the amount of molecular profiling (-omics) data and the wish to create and/or reuse FAIR (meta)data, which is why colleagues from Nijmegen worked on:

  • FAIR Data Cube, a FAIR data infrastructure for integrated multi-omics data analysis (link)


And to show off some more great ideas; vantage6 is even helping to ensure safe and healthy food!
Food supply chains research is not to be overrated.

  • A federated learning approach to data sharing in a food supply chain (link)

Thanks to you

We are very happy and proud to aid to important research and we want to thank all our (research) partners for using (and recognizing) vantage6, which makes us even more motivated to make vantage6 even greater.

And who knows, maybe these ideas gave you some inspiration on how you could be applying vantage6 to boost innovative research (fields).

Keep the good work going everyone!

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