Feb. 25, 2021

We are very happy to communicate that we have officially release vantage6 version 2.0! This time, we named it after a Japanese vantage point: Harukas.


Harukas is one of the tallest buildings in Osaka, with an altitude of 300 m. Its name comes from the old Japanese word "ๆ™ดใ‚‹ใ‹ใ™" (harukasu), which can be roughly translated as "to brighten or to clear up". It hosts Japan's largest department store.

Since such occasion couldn't go unnoticed, we organized a small borrel (or celebratory drinks) with vantage6's core team. Given the circumstances, it was done virtually. However, that came with its own set of surprises:


We wanted to make this a fun event. Thus, together with my friend and colleague Frank, we prepared a vantage-oriented quiz. If you want to test your knowledge, you can find it here(and the corresponding answers here). The members of the winning team managed to take home a tasty present ๐Ÿคค.


Lastly, I would like to close this post with the now-classic screen capture of the virtual event. I am very happy to work with such smart people in such a cool project.


For a complete list of vantage6's new features, take a look at the official release notes. Looking forward to vantage6 v3.0!

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